Sweaty hands dating Sweaty hands dating

Sweaty hands dating

But all I can say is never to give up.

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As a child and in my teen years, I was very open about HyperHidrosis and what it was. It could be SO much worse.

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I have had a stellate ganglion block three times now. Subscribe via email Enter your email address: All, I am a 50 year old woman. All throughout the winter too!

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Are there any tiny little movements you can make to peek out from behind that shell? If your hyperhidrosis affects your hands, dating can be intimidating.

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Newer Post Older Post Home. I hope the above helps! I am 15 i have had the problem in my armpits for 3 years and never told anyone until a few months ago.

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Hey, high fives are sometimes no problem for me, because instead I do a nuckle touch and sometimes people think its awkward but atleast "didn't leave them hanging". Or, they will care about you, and by default care about your condition enough, that they will think of ways to help you cope with it. Do not avoid dating because of your hyperhidrosis.

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I have terrible anxiety cause by the sweating which in turn sweaty hands dating the sweating even worse. They will run the AC in their house when you are there, or turn on the ceiling fan, or let you sit next to the open window in the room since the breeze is blowing.

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I am considered an outgoing funny girl like u said but as well when it comes to shaking hands or a simple high five it SUCKS! I've had HyperHidrosis since I can remember. They will blast the AC and cool the car down before they let you get in.

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Some people may not even care when your hands start to get wet.