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Significado de dating

Applications received after the closing date will not be accepted.

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Phrasal verb s date back. Your cheque should be dated before or on the day the bill is due.

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Estoy demasiado ocupado con el trabajo. Who is your date for the prom? I dated myself by quoting a de dating from "The Breakfast Club. They dated the remains to the Roman period.

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A1 a numbered day in a monthoften given with a combination of the name of the daythe monthand the year: As the date of his operation drew near, he became more and more anxious. The two of them dated for a while, but it didn't work out.

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They dated for five years before they got married. The expiry US expiration date of this certificate is August So who's your date tonight? Writing the date We write the date in English in different ways.

The closing date for applications is the end of this month.

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Speaking the date We ask the date or about dates in several ways. Do you know the date of Caroline and Matthew's wedding?

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Who's your date for the prom? We can add the and of when we reply: No estoy saliendo con nadie en este momento.