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Other factors that include academic competence, test competence, test anxiety, and time management improve as the student advances through the pharmacy curriculum. Is sees but it does not mind. Latoya Newman is a novelist who wrote and published her first novel in Library Philosophy and Practice Academic performance is continuously falling as student populations are increasing.

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For example, there was a small sample of participants. Romantic relationships are central to how does dating affect academic performance life during middle to late adolescence ages Although the survey questionnaire is completely confidential, some students might find a need to over-inflate their GPA.


These constant changes may influence things such as academic achievement. Grades from the previous semester were obtained and compared to the grades from the current semester, measuring academic performance.

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After all students have been placed into a group, their GPAs will be analyzed and compared to examine if there exists a correlation between involvement in varying levels of romantic relationships and pharmacy school GPA. Happy Relationships, Better Performance As with any other aspect of your social life, the more comfortable you feel in your dating relationship, the better you are likely to perform in school.

The survey questionnaire only seeks information regarding current romantic relationship status. Differences between students who had relationships and those who did not were tested using a T-Test.

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Therefore, the internal validity of our study is further substantiated. This will prove helpful even after graduation and when work and other extra-curricular activities become a part of your life. Thank you to Dr.

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The pooled variance t-Test will be used because of the two populations single and in a relationshipas well as the comparison between two means mean GPA of students who are single and mean GPA of students who answered as being in a relationship. Many students can be worried about their grades being affected negatively because of their relationship and researching this study can reassure them that it will not.

Researchers studied the main hypothesis that the prevalence of a significant other negatively affects the academic performance of an undergraduate student.

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The informed consent sheet disclosed information about the research and provided the participants with information regarding any counseling that might be needed because of the study.

Participants were questioned to report their GPA and whether or not they believed that being in a relationship had affected their grades. Background of the study: Within an established relationship, romantic love can be defined as a freeing or optimizing of intimacy in a particularly luxurious manner or perhaps in greater spirituality, irony, or peril to the relationship.

On the one hand, the student is spending time with their potential lifelong partner, but on the other, they are busy trying to fulfill other responsibilities, like maintaining grades, studying, and coping with how does dating affect academic performance stress.

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Ryan states that adolescence marks the beginning of a downward trend in motivation to do well in achievement and academics. Previous limited studies performed on pharmacy students include variables such as test anxiety, time management, test competence, academic competence, and study techniques.

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The Institution Review Board IRB recommended that the study be made for older students in college who are even more likely to be involved in a romantic relationship. Although, there was a certain amount of participants who stated that their relationships had effected their academic achievement but it was not enough to support the research hypothesis.

An article found on the Internet, which related to the topic of interest, showed research where Sgobbo studied the disadvantages and advantages of dating in college.

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The GPA will subsequently be analyzed and compared with involvement in romantic relationships. The first is by asking all of the participants to complete the same survey. One study was conducted by Phuong T.