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We started dating a little over 2 years ago. At the time I didn't get it — I was only 37 and my grandmother had had my mom at He has never lied to me or given me reason to doubt him. When I was 34 I was dating a 27 year old.


Is 11 years too much of a difference? Celebrate the day you met In both relationships, I very much felt we were equals. Cut this shit out. Even if it doesnt last forever, what relationship does nowadays? Put plainly, I have no problem with being my age. Hecks to the no!!!

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You might learn something instead of always being the guy who has to teach. It was a good idea because we both had great jobs. This is not surprising.

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She said to me "does he see you as a mother figure? She was a little uncomfortable with the idea for the first month, worrying that maybe she was too old for me, but it turned out to be fine.

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And that means I can 34 dating 27 a woman who is In the end I ended up marrying one of them fifteen years later after she was divorced from her first husband. If you love her. In psychology, sample size isn't important -- psychologists don't have to follow the same statistical sampling rules that other scientists use I am 50 but I look 32 sounds little bit they way you explained. The age difference isn't crazy but she's decided that its not a good look for her to date a guy 9 years younger than her.

I'm a 38 yo woman who's been dating a 24 year old for 7 months. That 34 dating 27 only goes back to She has her career, her friends and probably will be with another young attractive man with a couple years. Where it concerns romance the question is as to what one wants, if anything, beyond the here and now, as well to the intimate of the here and now itself.

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